Large Family Cottages

Sleeps 4 plus 4 En suite Two rooms, two baths
  • Himalaya Facing Exteriors

  • Private Wooden Decks

  • Bedroom Ground Floor

  • Attic Bedroom

  • Spacious Living Room



The family cottages are best for extended families travelling together. It has two bedrooms - each with an attached bath, a spacious living room and space for extra beds.


2 King Sized Beds and extra beds

Perfect for an extended family travelling together. It has a combination of rooms and shared spaces.

Double Bath

Both the bedrooms have an attached bath.

Spacious Living Room

Large families need living rooms to enjoy those moments together that make a vacation memorable. Spacious living rooms in the family cottages will serve as a perfect place for making memories.

Amazing Views

The cottage has large picture windows looking out into the valley.

Private wooden deck

These cottages have wooden decks overlooking the forest and the Himalayas. Perfect for spending hours in the sun gazing at birds and mountains.

PACKAGES - Large Family Cottages

Suitable for a large family like a couple travelling with their parents and/or some close friends. Choose from some of the most popular vacation packages

Rates valid till April 30, 2020..
Rates are inclusive of tax. Breakfast and Dinner included. 
Lunch payable separately 
@ Rs.419 per person per meal for anyone above 12 years; and Rs.210 per person for anyone between 6-12 years. 


/4 adults
forest walks misty homestay jhaltola
2 nights 3 days;

Pause @ Misty

Includes stay, breakfast and dinner for 4 people; Sunset Walk with Tea, and 1 bonfire eve. [Child below 6 yrs no charge. Child below 12 yrs Rs.1200 extra Extra person above 12 yrs Rs.2400 extra]


/4 adults
walks offbeat Jhaltola
3 nights 4 days;

Relax @ Misty

Includes stay, breakfast and dinner for 2 people; Sunset Walk with Tea, and 1 bonfire eve. [Child below 6 yrs no charge. Child below 12 yrs Rs.1800 extra Extra person above 12 yrs Rs.3600 extra]


/4 adults
water body offbeat Jhaltola
4 nights 5 days;

Immerse @ Misty

Includes stay, breakfast and dinner for 4 people; Sunset Walk with Tea, and 1 bonfire eve. [Child below 6 yrs no charge. Child below 12 yrs Rs.2300 extra Extra person above 12 yrs Rs.4600 extra]

Other Room Options

Rosevilla Suites

Sleeps 2 plus 2, Valley View,

Rosebank Cottage
Premium Category

Rosebank Cottage

Sleeps 2 plus 2

cottage at offbeat Jhaltola
Premium Category

The Oak suites – Duplexs

Sleeps 2 plus 2, attic room


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